Ecuador: Ahead of the polls, the country’s top contenders have already been shot down

Ecuador is heading into a presidential election with two of its top contenders already out of the race. Former president Rafael Correa, who is seeking a return to power, was barred from running by the country’s electoral council. And his hand-picked successor, Andrés Arauz, was recently indicted on corruption charges. The killings of two other presidential hopefuls, Jaime Nebot and Guillermo Lasso, have further shaken up the race. Nebot was shot dead in March, and Lasso was attacked and injured in April.

Ecuador Ahead of the polls, the country's top (2)

  • The violence has raised concerns about the safety of candidates and voters ahead of the election, which is scheduled for February 2023. The Organization of American States has called for a thorough investigation into the killings and for guarantees of security for all candidates.
  • The political climate in Ecuador is already tense, with Correa’s supporters and opponents often clashing in the streets. The killings of Nebot and Lasso have only added to the volatility.
  • It remains to be seen who will emerge as the frontrunner in the wake of these events. But one thing is clear: the upcoming election is shaping up to be one of the most unpredictable in Ecuador’s recent history.

Here are some of the possible scenarios that could play out in the Ecuadorian presidential election:

  • Correa could win the election despite being barred from running. This would be a major upset, and it would likely lead to further political instability in Ecuador.
  • Arauz could win the election. This would be a victory for Correa’s supporters, but it would also be a major disappointment for those who want to see a change in leadership.
  • A new candidate could emerge as the frontrunner. This is a possibility if the current frontrunners are unable to overcome the challenges they face.
  • The election could be inconclusive, leading to a runoff between the top two candidates. This would be a further delay in the political process, and it would add to the uncertainty in Ecuador.

The outcome of the Ecuadorian presidential election will have a major impact on the country’s future. It is a critical moment for Ecuador, and it remains to be seen how the country will emerge from this period of uncertainty.

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