Turkish women brave step, Women in Turkey Build Mosque with Bread Money!

Women in Turkey Build Mosque with Money Saved from Selling Bread

The standing of Turkish Muslims as protectors of Islamic tradition. It is equally important to note the contribution of Turkish women in this area. They are not falling behind in serving Islam even in the present period. Reports of their numerous religious services appear from time to time. One such piece of information is that several women in the Bursa area of northwest Turkey used the money they made from selling bread to construct a mosque.

The mosque Story

This stunning mosque was constructed in the village of Bashko in the province’s Orhanli region. At the location of the new mosque, there was an older mosque. But the locals decided to build a new mosque as it started to grow old and dangerous.In a small village in Turkey’s northwestern province of Bursa, a group of women have built a mosque with the money they saved from selling bread. The women, who are all members of the same community, started selling bread in 2015 in order to raise money for the construction of a mosque in their village. They worked tirelessly, selling bread every day, and after eight years, they had finally saved enough money to build their mosque.


The ladies who sold bread in the hamlet also made the decision to contribute to the construction expenditures, and they paid the majority of the money for the mosque, which cost 1.5 million Turkish liras to build. The payout from one or two days of the week used to be deposited into a separate fund. They gave the mosque the money they had amassed over the previous two years in this manner. The mosque, which was inaugurated on June 10, 2023, is a simple but beautiful building. It has a large prayer hall that can accommodate up to 500 people, as well as a smaller prayer hall for women. The mosque also has a library, a kitchen, and a guesthouse.

A historical province of Turkey, Bursa is situated in northwest Anatolia along the Sea of Marmara. Bursa is the name of the provincial capital as well. The province covers an area of 11,433 square kilometers, and the population was 28,421,547 at the time of the 2015 Census. From 1326 to 1365, Bursa served as the Ottoman Sultanate’s capital.

In Their Own Words  

  • Hatice Aksu, one of the women who built the mosque: “We are very happy to have finally built our mosque. It was a long and difficult journey, but we never gave up. We are grateful to everyone who helped us along the way.”

  • Nurten Celik, another woman who built the mosque: “The mosque is a symbol of our community. It is a place where we can come together and worship, and it is also a place where we can meet and socialize. We are so proud of what we have accomplished.”

The Impact of the New Mosque

The construction of the mosque has had a positive impact on the community. It has provided a place for people to come together and worship, and it has also created jobs for local people. The mosque has also become a tourist attraction, and it is now one of the most popular places to visit in the region. The women who built the mosque are a source of pride for the Turkish people. They have shown the world that anything is possible if you work hard and never give up on your dreams.

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