Bangladeshi Workers are Going to Russia for the First Time


Bangladeshi Workers Head to Russia for the First Time

Russia is the largest country in the world by size. In contrast, the population of the country is 14.5 million. A large number of workers are currently needed in Russia in the agricultural industry, factory infrastructure construction, and shipbuilding industries. As a result, the demand for foreign workers has increased, and the Bangladesh government has many incentives to enter the Russian labor market. As a result, Russia opened the labor market to Bangladeshi workers for the first time. 24 skilled workers from Bangladesh in the shipbuilding industry left for Russia at midnight on Saturday. Skilled workers from Bangladesh are officially entering the Russian labor market through this. Officially, the salary of these workers, who went to Russia at a cost of only 65 thousand taka through Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited Voyages, is 4 to 5 lakh taka.

The agreement between Bangladesh and Russia was signed in December 2022. It allows Bangladeshi workers to work in a number of sectors in Russia, including construction, manufacturing, and healthcare.

The move is expected to benefit both countries. For Bangladesh, it will provide a much-needed source of foreign currency and employment opportunities. For Russia, it will help address its chronic labor shortage.

The Bangladeshi workers who are going to Russia are highly skilled and experienced. They have been trained in a number of construction trades, including masonry, carpentry, and plumbing.

The workers are also fluent in Russian. This will help them communicate with their Russian colleagues and employers.

The workers are excited about the opportunity to work in Russia. They believe that it will be a good experience for them and that they will be able to earn a good salary.

The Bangladeshi government is also optimistic about the agreement. It believes that it will help boost economic relations between the two countries.

The government is also working to ensure that workers are protected in Russia. It has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Russian government that guarantees the workers’ rights.

The agreement between Bangladesh and Russia is a significant development. It is a sign of the growing economic ties between the two countries. It is also a sign of the opportunities that are available for Bangladeshi workers in the global labor market.

The Secretary of the Ministry of Employment said that Russia will take more skilled workers from Bangladesh step by step. The foreign secretary also said that an initiative will be taken to sign a memorandum of understanding with Russia soon to make the recruitment process easier.

Benefits of the Agreement

The agreement between Bangladesh and Russia is expected to provide a number of benefits for both countries. For Bangladesh, the agreement is expected to:

Provide a much-needed source of foreign currency.
Create employment opportunities for Bangladeshi workers.
Help improve the skills and experience of Bangladeshi workers.
For Russia, the agreement is expected to:

Address its chronic labor shortage
Gain access to a pool of highly skilled and experienced workers
Help to boost economic cooperation with Bangladesh

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