The Undervalued Treasures of Organ Meat, Nature’s Nutritional Nuggets  and Boosting Health from the Inside Out with Organ Meat

What is organ meat?

Cow’s liver, lungs, brain, udder, tongue, kidney, and kidney are called ‘organ meat’. Despite the many health benefits of organ meats, many people do not want to eat them. Eating organ meats can also help reduce nutritional deficiencies. For example, 4 ounces of beef liver contain 23 grams of protein. Here are some amazing benefits of organ meat:

Health Benefits of Organ Meat:

Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease: cow liver contains vitamin B-1, aka thiamine. Studies have shown that thiamine can prevent risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease. Such as memory loss.

Increases energy: Cow’s liver and kidneys are rich in iron. Many suffer from an iron deficiency. One of the main symptoms of iron deficiency is feeling tired or weak. According to researchers, iron-rich foods are needed to increase the body’s energy. So, if you want to get fresh after an iron deficiency, you can eat organ meat rich in iron, like liver.

Reduces Cancer Risk: Vitamin B-12 is an important member of the ‘B’ vitamin family. This nutrient can protect the body from several types of cancer. Cow’s liver is rich in vitamin B12. Studies have shown that this vitamin helps reduce the risk of lung cancer and colorectal cancer. Esophageal cancer has also been linked to vitamin B-12 deficiency.

Prevents heart disease: parts other than cow’s gizzards contain high amounts of vitamin B-12. Vitamin B-12 regulates homocysteine levels in the blood. High levels of homocysteine are risk factors for blood vessel disease and heart disease.

Strengthens the immune system: Eating organ meats benefits the body’s immune system. Many organ meats contain high levels of zinc. Such as the liver, kidney, and kidney. Zinc is needed for the proper functioning of the immune system. Studies have shown that people who were zinc deficient were more susceptible to contracting the coronavirus.

Risk of organ meats

High Cholesterol: There is no doubt that organ meat is a nutritious food, but it also contains a lot of cholesterol. Cholesterol levels are especially high in the liver and kidneys. High cholesterol is considered a risk factor for heart attack or stroke. So it is better to eat a limited amount of organ meat.

Gout: Gout sufferers should avoid organ meats. According to experts, joint damage is exacerbated by purine-rich foods in people with gout. Hemochromatosis: People diagnosed with hemochromatosis, or iron overload disease, should avoid or limit iron-rich organ meats. Hemochromatosis is a disease in which iron levels are too high in the blood. Eating iron-rich food at this time can make the condition worse.



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