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William Givens Jensen was a remarkable figure in the world of technology and business. He was the founder and CEO of one of the most successful companies in the world, and his contributions to the tech industry are still felt today. In this article, we will explore 15 interesting facts about this innovative and inspiring individual.

Early Life and Education

William Givens Jensen was born on January 5, 1950, in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was the eldest of five children, and his parents were both educators. Jensen’s father was a professor of engineering at the University of Utah, and his mother was a school teacher.

Jensen showed an early interest in science and technology, and he spent much of his childhood tinkering with gadgets and building electronic devices. He attended the University of Utah, where he earned a degree in electrical engineering.

Founding of Jensen & Partners

After graduating from college, Jensen worked for several companies, including RCA and Dolby Laboratories. In 1980, he founded his own company, Jensen & Partners, which focused on providing consulting services to the technology industry. The company quickly grew in size and reputation, and Jensen became a respected figure in the tech world.

The Birth of SRS Labs

In 1993, Jensen founded SRS Labs, a company that specialized in developing audio technologies. SRS Labs created software that enhanced the sound quality of music and movies, and its products were used in a wide range of devices, including televisions, smartphones, and gaming consoles.

The Success of SRS Labs

Under Jensen’s leadership, SRS Labs became one of the most successful companies in the tech industry. Its products were used by millions of people around the world, and the company won numerous awards for its innovative audio technologies.

The Acquisition of SRS Labs

In 2012, SRS Labs was acquired by DTS, a leading provider of audio solutions for mobile devices and home entertainment systems. The acquisition was valued at $148 million, and it further cemented Jensen’s reputation as a tech pioneer.

The Formation of Xperi Corporation

In 2016, Jensen founded Xperi Corporation, a company that specializes in developing advanced technologies for the entertainment industry. Xperi’s products include audio and video technologies, as well as software solutions for content creators and distributors.

The Merger with TiVo Corporation

In 2020, Xperi Corporation merged with TiVo Corporation, a leading provider of entertainment technology solutions. The merger created a new company called Xperi Holding Corporation, which is focused on developing innovative technologies for the global entertainment industry.

William G. Jensen’s Philanthropy

Jensen was a strong believer in the power of philanthropy, and he was involved in a number of charitable organizations throughout his life. He was a founding member of the David Eccles School of Business Advisory Board, and he served on the boards of several other non-profit organizations.

Jensen’s Love for Nature and the Environment

Jensen was a passionate advocate for the environment, and he was deeply committed to preserving natural habitats and protecting wildlife. He was a member of my apologies, here is the continuation of the article:

several conservation organizations, including the Nature Conservancy and the World Wildlife Fund, and he made significant donations to support their work.

His Passion for Photography

Jensen had a keen eye for photography, and he was an avid collector of cameras and photographic equipment. He traveled the world taking photographs of landscapes, people, and wildlife, and he was known for his stunning black and white images.

His Taste for Fine Art

Jensen was also a collector of fine art, and he had an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, and other artworks. He was particularly interested in contemporary art, and he supported several museums and galleries that exhibited modern and contemporary works.

Jensen’s Love for Music

Jensen’s love for music was evident in his work at SRS Labs, where he focused on creating technologies that enhanced the sound quality of music recordings. He was also a music enthusiast himself and had a particular love for jazz and classical music.

His Fascination with Classic Cars

Jensen had a fascination with classic cars and was an avid collector of vintage automobiles. He owned several rare and valuable cars, including a 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC, a 1958 Porsche 356 Speedster, and a 1966 Shelby Cobra 427.

Jensen’s Commitment to Innovation

Throughout his career, Jensen was committed to innovation and pushing the boundaries of what was possible in the tech industry. He was a prolific inventor and held numerous patents for his inventions, including his groundbreaking audio technologies.

Jensen’s Legacy

William Givens Jensen’s contributions to the tech industry were significant, and his legacy lives on in the companies he founded and the technologies he helped create. His commitment to innovation, philanthropy, and the environment serves as an inspiration to many, and his impact on the world of business and technology will be felt for years to come.


William Givens Jensen was a remarkable figure in the world of technology and business. From his early days as a tinkerer and inventor to his groundbreaking work at SRS Labs and Xperi Corporation, Jensen left an indelible mark on the tech industry. His passion for philanthropy, nature, photography, fine art, music, and classic cars, along with his commitment to innovation, serve as a testament to his boundless creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.


What was William G. Jensen’s most significant contribution to the tech industry?

Jensen’s most significant contribution was the development of SRS Labs, which created software that enhanced the sound quality of music and movies.

What were some of William G. Jensen’s philanthropic activities?

Jensen was involved in several conservation organizations and served on the boards of several non-profit organizations.

What was William G. Jensen’s passion outside of the tech industry?

Jensen had a passion for photography, fine art, music, and classic cars.

What was the value of the acquisition of SRS Labs in 2012?

The acquisition of SRS Labs in 2012 was valued at $148 million.

What is William G. Jensen’s legacy?

Jensen’s legacy is his boundless creativity, commitment to innovation, and passion for philanthropy, the environment, and the arts.

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