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How to save your Mobile Battery?

Lower screen brightness:

The screen is one of the biggest battery drainers. Lowering the brightness,  even a little, can help save batteries.


Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use:

WiFi and Bluetooth constantly scan for connections, even when idle, which wastes battery power.

Turn off location services:

 Location tracking uses a lot of battery. Turn it off when you don’t need it.


Disable auto-sync for apps: 

Syncing data in the background uses battery power. Disable auto-sync for apps you don’t need to update constantly.


Use power-saving mode:

Most phones have a power-saving mode that restricts features and performance to extend battery life.


Use a dark theme:

Dark themes use less power than light themes because they don’t require as much backlight.


Limit background app activity:

Disable notifications and background activity for apps you don’t need to update constantly.


Limit social media and gaming:

These apps tend to use lots of battery for things like refreshing feeds and intensive graphics.


Close apps when not in use: 

Fully closing apps rather than just leaving them running in the background saves battery.


Limit streaming media:

Watching videos, streaming music, etc. uses up a lot of power. Do it in short bursts.


Clear app cache data periodically:

Cache data builds up over time and can drain your battery. Clear it from time to time.


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