what is there in the city of gold, El Dorado

what is there in the city of gold, El Dorado:


The legend of El Dorado tells of a city made entirely of gold located somewhere in the jungles of South America. The city is said to be home to vast treasures of gold and jewels, and its inhabitants are said to be rich beyond compare.

The legend of El Dorado has its roots in the myths and stories of the indigenous Muisca people of Colombia. The Muisca believed that their king or Zipa was a god covered in gold dust. Every year, Zipa would travel to Lake Guatavita, a sacred lake located in the Bogotá Savannah, and perform a ritual where he would bathe in the lake and cover himself in gold dust. This ritual was said to bring good luck to the Muisca people.

In the 16th century, Spanish conquistadors heard stories of the city of gold from the Muisca people. They were eager to find El Dorado and claim its treasures for themselves. Many expeditions were made in search of the city, but none were successful.

The legend of El Dorado has fascinated people for centuries. It is a story of wealth, power and mystery. And although the city has never been found, it inspires explorers and treasure hunters alike. So is El Dorado lost forever in the earth and trees in some secret region of the world? Can you still find traces of it? Gold can match! Or never was this city? But if there is no, then why is the desperate attempt to find this city made?

The word ‘El Dorado’ is Spanish. Which means ‘made of gold’. In fact the Spanish say, ‘El Hombre Dorado’ or ‘El Rey Dorado’. The first one means ‘man of gold’. The second means ‘golden king’. For South Americans, El Dorado is a legendary ruler covered in gold from head to toe! He used to go to a lake called Guatavita and take off the gold ornaments attached to his body and float it. This folklore is slowly changing. People wrapped in gold became the city of gold! How did this change?
Their ingrained idea is that once upon a time a city wrapped in gold stood under the blue sky with its glittering face!

Maybe such an idea was played in their minds that the king of the country can easily float all the gold in the body of the lake, not knowing the abundance of wealth of that country! And this is where the myth of an imaginary city is born. In the 16th and 17th centuries, countless people lost their lives in the remote forest in the quest to find El Dorado in the New World.
Some of the city of El Dorado is believed to be here

  • Huge treasure of gold and jewels

  • A golden palace

  • A golden temple

  • A golden fountain

  • golden road

  • Golden city walls

    The city of El Dorado is a mythical place and its exact location is unknown. However, the legend of El Dorado has captured the imagination of people around the world.

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