Netflix’s New Green Screen Technique: Turning Actors Bright Purple

Green screens have been a staple of visual effects for decades. They allow filmmakers to insert actors into any background imaginable, from alien planets to historical battlefields. However, green screens can also be a pain to use. They can be difficult to light correctly, and they can sometimes leave unwanted artifacts in the final product.

Netflix is hoping to solve these problems with a new green-screen technique that turns actors bright purple. The company claims that this technique is easier to use and produces cleaner results.

How the Technique Works

The new Netflix technique works by using a combination of lighting and color science. The actors are lit with a combination of blue and red light, which makes them appear bright purple. This purple light is then subtracted from the final image, leaving only the background.

The advantage of this technique is that it is much easier to light than a traditional green screen. The blue and red lights can be mixed together in any proportion, so the lighting can be adjusted to match the background. This makes it much easier to get a consistent look from shot to shot.

The technique also produces cleaner results than a traditional green screen. The purple light is much less likely to leave unwanted artifacts in the final image. This is because purple light is not as reflective as green light, so it is less likely to bounce back off of objects and create unwanted reflections.

The Benefits of the Technique

There are several benefits to Netflix’s new green screen technique. First, it is easier to light. This means that it is less time-consuming and expensive to set up, and it is less likely to cause problems during production.

Second, the technique produces cleaner results. This means that the final image will be more realistic and less likely to have unwanted artifacts. This is especially important for high-budget productions where the visual effects are critical.

Third, the technique is more versatile. It can be used with any background color, so it is not limited to green screens. This means that it can be used to create more realistic and immersive visual effects.

The Future of Green Screens

Netflix’s new green screen technique is a significant improvement over traditional methods. It is easier to use, it produces cleaner results, and it is more versatile. This makes it a promising new technology for visual effects.

It is still too early to say whether Netflix’s new technique will revolutionize the way green screens are used. However, it is clear that the technique has the potential to make green screens easier, more efficient, and more versatile.


Netflix’s new green screen technique is a promising new technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way visual effects are created. The technique is easier to use, produces cleaner results, and is more versatile than traditional methods. If the technique is successful, it could make green screens more accessible to filmmakers and make it easier to create realistic and immersive visual effects.

Only time will tell whether Netflix’s new technique will become the new standard in green-screen production. However, it is a promising development that could revolutionize the way VFX work is done.

Additional Information

  • A team of researchers at Netflix’s Paris research lab developed the new green screen technique.
  • The technique is still in the early stages of development, but Netflix says that it is already being used in some of its productions.
  • The company hopes to make the technique available to other filmmakers in the near future.
  • Netflix’s new green screen technique is a significant development in the field of VFX. It has the potential to make VFX work easier and more accurate, and it could revolutionize the way films and television shows are made.

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