“Evil Dead Rise: A Terrifying Descent into Unrelenting Horror”

Evil Dead Rise is an American supernatural horror film released in 2023.  Lee Cronin wrote and oversaw the production. It is the fifth installment in the Evil Dead film series. The film stars Lily Sullivan and Alyssa Sutherland as two estranged sisters trying to survive and save their family from demons. Morgan Davies, Gabrielle Echols, and Nell Fisher (in her film debut) appear in supporting roles.



In the realm of horror cinema, few franchises hold the same iconic status as “Evil Dead.”  The Evil Dead series has cemented its place in horror history, from its modest beginnings in 1981 with the low-budget cult film directed by Sam Raimi to its succeeding sequels and successful remake in 2013. Now, as a new chapter emerges from the depths of terror, “Evil Dead Rise” promises to deliver a bone-chilling experience like never before. This article delves into the spine-tingling details of this highly anticipated installment, unveiling the premise, characters, and evolution of the Evil Dead universe.

Setting the Stage:

“Evil Dead Rise” marks a departure from the eerie cabin in the woods setting that characterized the original trilogy. Instead, the film takes the terrifying narrative to an urban landscape, injecting fresh blood into the franchise. As the story unfolds, audiences will find themselves immersed in a dilapidated high-rise building teeming with malevolent spirits hungry for human souls.

Plot Synopsis:

The plot revolves around two estranged sisters, Sophie and Lisa, as they navigate their troubled relationship while battling the diabolical forces that have taken hold of the high-rise. Sophie, a skilled nurse, seeks to reconcile with Lisa, who leads a rebellious lifestyle. Fate intervenes when the sisters become trapped inside the building, now a conduit for evil. With the demons running rampant, Sophie and Lisa must forge a fragile alliance to survive the nightmarish ordeal and confront their personal demons.

Character Development:

Sophie, the elder sister, embodies resilience and determination. Her medical background equips her with the skills necessary to confront the supernatural horrors that plague the high-rise. As the story progresses, Sophie’s character arc explores her journey from a stoic nurse to a fierce protector, battling the forces of darkness to save herself and her sister.

Lisa, on the other hand, is a complicated character who has regrets and mistakes from the past. Her rebellious nature initially serves as a source of conflict, but as the night unfolds, Lisa must confront her own inner demons to aid in their survival. Her transformation from a troubled soul to a fighter becomes a central element in the narrative, adding depth and emotional weight to the storyline.

Evolution of the Evil Dead Universe:

“Evil Dead Rise” demonstrates a notable shift in tone and storytelling approach from its predecessors. While paying homage to the franchise’s roots, the film embraces a more contemporary horror aesthetic. The high-rise itself serves as a haunting character, filled with dark corners, claustrophobic hallways, and supernatural occurrences that escalate tension to unbearable levels. The audience can expect a relentless barrage of suspense, gore, and visceral scares, pushing the boundaries of horror filmmaking.

Director’s Vision:

Acclaimed horror director Lee Cronin takes the helm of “Evil Dead Rise,” following in the footsteps of Sam Raimi and Fede Lvarez, who helmed the previous installments. Cronin’s unique style combines atmospheric dread with visceral horror, promising a fresh and distinctive perspective on the Evil Dead universe. His vision for the film aims to captivate audiences with a potent blend of practical effects, intense performances, and an unrelenting sense of terror.


“Evil Dead Rise” promises to breathe new life into the beloved franchise while honoring its gory legacy. With an urban setting, compelling characters, and a director known for his mastery of horror, fans and newcomers alike eagerly anticipate a heart-pounding descent into darkness. Prepare to be engulfed by the malevolent forces lurking within the high

Evil Dead Rise is a welcome addition to the Evil Dead franchise. It is a well-made and suspenseful horror film that is sure to please fans of the series.

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