13 Things to Do in Victoria This Weekend

Visit the Butchart Gardens.

The Butchart Gardens are one of Victoria’s most popular tourist attractions, and for good reason. The gardens are home to stunning flowers, plants, and trees, as well as a variety of fountains, sculptures, and other features. The gardens are open year-round, but they are especially beautiful in the summer months.

Explore Beacon Hill Park.

Beacon Hill Park is another great place to enjoy Victoria’s natural beauty. The park is home to a variety of forest trails, beaches, and gardens. You can also visit the petting zoo, the children’s farm, or the Japanese garden.

Take a walk or bike ride around the Inner Harbour.

The Inner Harbour is the heart of Victoria, and it’s a great place to walk, bike, or take a boat ride. There are plenty of restaurants, shops, and attractions to explore in the Inner Harbour, and you can also catch a ferry to Vancouver Island.

Visit Craigdarroch Castle.

Craigdarroch Castle is a beautiful Victorian mansion that offers stunning views of the city. The castle is now a museum, and you can take a tour to learn about its history and architecture.

Go whale-watching.

Victoria is a great place to go whale-watching. You can see a variety of whales, including humpback whales, orcas, and gray whales. There are a number of companies that offer whale-watching tours, so you can find one that fits your budget and schedule.

Visit the Royal BC Museum.

The Royal BC Museum is a great place to learn about the history and culture of British Columbia. The museum has a variety of exhibits, including a First Nations gallery, a natural history gallery, and a shipwreck gallery.

See a show at the McPherson Playhouse.

The McPherson Playhouse is a beautiful theater that hosts a variety of performances, including plays, musicals, and concerts. There’s always something happening at the McPherson Playhouse, so be sure to check out the schedule.

Go shopping on Government Street.

Government Street is a great place to go shopping. There are a variety of stores to choose from, including boutiques, art galleries, and souvenir shops. You can also find some great restaurants and cafes on Government Street.

Have a picnic at Beacon Hill Park.

Beacon Hill Park is a great place to have a picnic. There are plenty of trees for shade, and you can enjoy the beautiful views of the city. There are also a number of playgrounds and picnic areas in the park, so you can find the perfect spot for your picnic.

Visit the Victoria Public Market.

The Victoria Public Market is a great place to find fresh, local produce as well as prepared foods from a variety of vendors. There are also a number of restaurants and cafes in the market, so you can enjoy a meal while you shop.

Take a cooking class.


There are a number of cooking schools in Victoria that offer classes in a variety of cuisines. This is a great way to learn about new dishes and try your hand at cooking.

Go wine tasting.

Victoria is home to a number of wineries, so you can go wine tasting and sample some of the best wines that British Columbia has to offer. There are a number of wineries located on the Saanich Peninsula, so you can easily take a day trip to visit a few wineries.

Relax at a spa.


There are a number of spas in Victoria that offer a variety of treatments, so you can find the perfect treatment to relax and rejuvenate.

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